Here we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving Day!  I can hardly believe it’s that time of year again.  But I am determined to slow it down this year!  I say that while I have several orders of rolls and fudge to make before Thursday!  But seriously, I want to savor this time and I want to teach the importance of it to my children.  I went to an Advent tea this past weekend.   It was absolutely lovely.  I enjoyed myself so much.  The speaker really spoke to me about changing the way our families celebrate Christmas.  Advent doesn’t start until this weekend, but we started what we hope to be a tradition…to have dinner by candlelight.  Actually, we ate by the light of an old oil lamp that was Chad’s grandma’s.  The kids couldn’t wait to do it, so we did it for fun.  We did talk a little about why we were going to be doing this during the Advent time…a time of waiting for Christmas, when the Light of the world was brought down to the earth to save us from our sins.