We had a wonderful weekend full of family fun. It started off with a visit from Rhonda (Chad’s mom) on Wednesday evening. We ordered pizza and had a nice visit. We stayed up way way too late that night getting ready for our trip to Ohio. I had to go make a gas/CVS run, too! Then we headed to Ohio Thursday morning. We got there when the turkey was getting done. Everything smelled so good! We had dinner with my parents and my brother and his family. Then my sister and her family came that evening. We did a little shopping Friday afternoon…nothing too exciting except me getting a new coat! That evening my sister and her family came over again. All four of her kiddos spent the night with us there at my mom’s. So we had a fun slumber party! We headed back to Indiana on Saturday. We got home and went to town with the decorations! Chad got it all down from the attic/barn. You know how kids are…once you say you are going to do it, you can’t stop! They had an absolute blast getting it all out. It was like Christmas every time they pulled something out of the box! I loved watching them. We put some lights outside. It looks pretty neat! The boys decorated the whole tree that evening. It was so much fun. I enjoyed watching their eyes light up at the wonder of Christmas. Yesterday was church and then Chad’s dad and step mom came and took us to lunch and stayed to visit. That was so nice! Family time with us is so precious. We are so blessed with such a wonderful loving family. I want to post a few pics. We’ll see if I have the chance to today! It’s 323 and I still haven’t showered! Oh well, we have had a lot of fun just playing around today. It’s snowing and cold out there, but we are warm inside in our pj’s!!