My little sweet Samuel. He has three bed buddies he sleeps with…Kitty, Baby Kitty, and Bunny. He is so attached to these little things! He has to have everyone of them when he sleeps. It’s a miracle we can find all three since he also has to have them out of his bed with him when he is awake (blankie too). We always tell each other “I love you so much” whether it be at bedtime or just anytime during the day! Tonight I said it and kissed his little head. Then he says “so much Kitty” so I told Kitty that I loved him so much and kissed Kitty. Then it was “so much Baby Kitty” and “so much Bunny”. It was so sweet and funny to me, but he was very sincere about it!

Oh, how I love that little boy “so much”.sam-with-bed-buddies