We braved the cold and snow today. Actually, it was just perfect! We went to Plainfield to get Andrew’s hair cut. Samuel even got his fixed after Daddy got a hold of it. :) Then we went to the Metropolis. We walked in the beautiful snow to The Children’s Place. The boys were great while I picked out Andrew some MORE jeans to fit his long legged legs! I picked out the cutest ever girl pj’s for my niece. Then I broke down and got Christmas pj’s for the boys. They were so thrilled to get them and had to have their own bag! From there we walked down to see Santa.

When we got up there to sit with Santa, Ethan ran right up and said nervously and quickly, “I wanna a remote control car, and a choo choo and an airplane….” Samuel stood back with his mouth wide open and inched up there to say, “Choo choo…tractor!” and just stood there with the funniest face staring at Santa. In the meantime, Andrew stood back watching it all. Santa motioned for Andrew to come up. Andrew was so nervous and embarrassed. He said, “I want a remote control car, and uhhh choo choo and an airplane.” I thought that was kinda funny that Andrew said he wanted a choo choo. They all got their candy canes and were pretty much done. Of course I didn’t buy the lowest priced package of pictures for $30. Geesh! I would have never been able to get smiles out of all three of them anyway! We were walking out to the van and Andrew says, “Mommy, sometimes Santa doesn’t bring us what we ask for, right?” I told him that yes, a lot of times that is true. I knew what he was telling me was that he didn’t really mean to ask Santa for a choo choo! I think he sort of felt like he missed his one big chance! I told him that mommies and daddies and other people get you surprises and assured him not to worry. We got in the van and Ethan pipes out, “Mommy! I didn’t tell Santa I wanted a tractor for Christmas!” We talked about it all some more. I just told them that whatever we do receive, we will just be happy with it! Andrew says, “Yes, anyway it’s all about Jesus!” Ethan agreed. Ohhh! That just completely melted my heart! I was so thankful at that moment in time that they know in their little hearts that presents can be so much fun, but the real reason is JESUS! Amen!!

After we returned home, Ethan thought we had been to the North Pole. Hee hee.

Funny Sidenote: Samuel just told me he loved me to pizza. :) And he told me “Good job, Mommy!” after I changed his dirty diaper. What a funny boy!