Wow. The Christmas holiday is already behind us. That’s just so hard to believe. But I sit in the middle of the weekend explosion and enjoying every minute of it! There are dishes, toys, laundry, boxes, trash, toys and toys everywhere. And can I say I really don’t mind it all?

This is the first day we have been home. My poor sweet boys are just happy to be home all day. Our schedule the last few days have been rather busy. We had some good friends over for Christmas Eve. We fixed dinner together and a great time with all of our 8 kids!! Christmas morning was such fun waking up with the boys and having Christmas at our house and celebrating the birthday of our Saviour. Then we took off for Chad’s mom’s for Christmas celebration later that afternoon. Friday we headed to Ohio to my parents house and party with all my family. We spent the night with my sister and her family (another gathering of 8 kids!), spent Saturday with them and got home that night. We got up late Sunday morning and headed to Chad’s dad’s for a gathering there. Wheww. It was tons of fun. We were so blessed by our loving family. Thank you all!

So today we have done nothing much but play. I am thinking that has to be ok, and really what most people are doing. Surely.