Yesterday was a good start to our new year. I officially count it as yesterday since it was the first time things were back to the normal routine around here. I got up early with Chad, did some Wii walking (so fun!) and got into the Word. I am reading The Power of a Praying Wife again with a friend. She called and we discussed the first chapter of praying for his wife – me! That is where is starts, and I think God for what He revealed to me yesterday. And I love having a friend to go along with me. We all need Christ to do this thing of being a godly wife and mom. Then I prayed with my sister-n-law over the phone. We started last week calling each other on Mondays to pray for one another. I count that as such a blessing. God is bringing us closer together and I praise God for that! The boys and I had some breakfast, Bible time, reading time and then they went at it to play. My house still looks like a toy explosion! I know I will miss it someday, so I am trying not to stress about it. Lunch time came quickly. Then it was time for nap for Samuel. He’s so precious and lovey. :) Ethan, Andrew and I sat down on the couch with several books about the human body. We had so much fun reading and talking and cuddling. It was just good. Plain good. We sat there for about 2 hours together, so suddenly it was time to prepare some dinner and be ready for Daddy to come home. After dinner we did some math with Andrew and Ethan. It’s funny how creative and silly you have to get sometimes to get their attention. So we learned math by counting toots. Boys! Andrew and I went to a couple of stores together a little later in the evening. It was nice spending some more time with him…just him this time. In the van I said to him, “Andrew, do you know I love you?” Before I even finished my sentence he replied so sweetly, “I do, too.” It was one of those moments of pure childlike innocence and love.

So thanks be to God for a good start of a great year ahead of us.

I’ll let you know how the rest of the week goes!!!