Yippee! It’s Friday! We made it through! It was all in all a good week. We have had some good school time which is just good times spending together. Like yesterday…we started our new Bible program. We listened to the songs that go with the first lesson. To get them involved we danced! It was so much fun and a great way to burn their energy! After those two songs were played a cd from Vineyard came on called “I love loving You Lord Jesus”. Andrew loves that song, so we danced and danced and danced to that one. (Andrew has discovered a button called Repeat).

Ethan is up now. Gotta go get his chocolate milk. I love that he has his milk and drinks it like a baby every morning. And YES, I give my children chocolate milk in the mornings. Well, not Samuel. He doesn’t drink milk at all!

I’ve got to get party invitations out, finish some laundry, organize a bookshelf…I will quit boring you with all the things I have got to do!!! First I need to shower and get Samuel’s 2 year pictures. 2!!! My baby!!