This has been a challenge!  I can only eat chicken, turkey and fish.  No dairy, sugars, artificial sweeteners, only rice or oats (no wheat), very little oils, and all nuts but peanuts, and lots of other things I can’t have!  What I have had this week so far has been quite yummy,though!

I usually just have a banana for breakfast.  Then I take my lovely drink.  That’s enough to make me not hungry!  I just don’t know what to eat for breakfast!

This is what I have had so far…

Monday – lunch -salad with dressing I made, seasoned turkey breast from GFS (yummo)

dinner – more salad with that turkey chopped up in it

Tuesday -lunch – busy day with Andrew at the dentist, so that was a snacking of raw veggies and nuts I think!

dinner – brown rice, black beans and turkey brats (that was really good and very inexpensive because I got the turkey for 99 cents!)

Wednesday – lunch on the go = a very yummy and way too expensive smoothie I had them specially make for me at the bagel cafe and some macadamia nuts

dinner – grilled chicken, red potatoes, salad

Thursday – salad with leftover grilled chicken, croutons made from a rice loaf – Hey, that’s what I could eat for breakfast!  Toasted rice loaf with fruit spread!

dinner – turkey steaks (cut from breast), brown rice and steamed broccoli

Friday – leftovers

dinner – turkey burger w/out bun, Alexia potatoes

Snacks are usually a fruit, carrots or some kind of nut (almonds, cashews, macadamia)

I welcome any  help with my menus!  I still have 2 weeks to plan!