I love my CVS, although it has been rather slow lately.  I thought I would do more posting about my deals, but it does take a lot of time to post all the coupons and everything!  I might do it someday.  If you want to start CVS’ing, go HERE.

I had to buy Valentines for my boys for their co-op, so I was going to spend money out of my pocket anyway.

Here’s what I got on Tuesday.  It was fun!

1 bag of Reese PB Cups for Chad’s Vday

1 bag of Crunch hearts for kids Vday

2 small boxes of Wheat Thins

2 small boxes of Ritz crackers

1 Gilette Fusion razor

1 box Wall-e Valentines

3 greeting cards

1 20 oz Dr Pepper

All for $3.20 out of pocket, rolled more Extra Care Bucks