We had such a nice weekend!  Friday evening we dropped the boys off at Chad’s mom’s house.  We went to dinner and did a little shopping.  It was so lovely!  We got  back at almost 10 and didn’t leave until after 11.  So needless to say, the boys konked on the way home!

Saturday I slept until 1015!!!  Oh my goodness!!  I was shocked!  I had been in and out a few different times during the night, but still!  I woke up to a very quiet house.  Samuel was still sleeping and Chad, Andrew and Ethan were gone.  Chad had a beautiful thing of flowers and a cute card wating for me on the table.  He’s so cute. They had gone to get Chad’s haircut and to pick up my new island top at Lowe’s.  When they got back, we did our heart hunt for the boys to find their Valentine’s.  I had Andrew read them all.  He did well!  They loved their little gifts.

Later that day I went to Meijer and snagged a lot of stuff for $14! A lot of it is going with Chad to work for his snack drawer.  This is what I got:

Softsoap handsoap

2 boxes Soft Pretzels

2 Sargento string cheese packages

can organic beans

Yoplus yogurt

2 bags Chex Mix

2 boxes Fruit Stackerz

Mini Delights brownie bowl

can Betty Crocker icing

Skippy PeanutButter

2 boxes Fiber One Bars

box Yogurt Cheerios

box Nature Valley Granola bars

Everything had a coupon except my beans!  Ha!  And it’s the only thing in this list that I can eat!

Total Savings of $35!  I love bargain shopping!!!!!  Thanks Mom!

Yesterday we had an awesome church service.  For our service we watched the movie Fireproof.  I totally recommend this one if you haven’t seen it already!  Oh man, did I cry.  It is so powerful and would be great to buy and pass along to those who #1 need Christ and/or need help with their marriage.

We spent the entire afternoon at a family’s house from church.  We had such a nice time.  She fixed some yummy food that was just for my diet.  I told her I am excited to have a “sista” friend.  She said she does not consider herself black, but “international” because of all the different races in her family.  They are such a neat family.  And they have such a cozy home.

Now I am waiting for a friend to come with her 2 sweet boys.  We are going to have lunch together, watch some crazy boy play and chat.  I can’t wait.