So I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Ok, I accept that.  Doc puts me on Neurontin.  It took away the pain.  It made me crazy.  I couldn’t handle it, so he change my meds to Lyrica.  I knew going into this one that there were too many side effects.  But I didn’t know what else to do.  Well, the worst thing so far has been the weight gain.  It actually alters your brain causing you to want to eat more!  Hello?!?!  That is not what I need!  But it did.  I felt it so many times…like wanting to get a McD’s hamburger at 11 one night.  Gag!  A friend of mine had given me some info on a nutritionist.  After talking to my sister-n-law during the holidays, I decided to go see her for sure.  My brother and his wife started in on their candida cleanse.  So fast-forward to the end of January.  I saw the nutritionist and really liked her and trusted her.   She ran several tests – yeast overgrowth, food allergies, hormones.   She started me on my liver cleanse just to get things going in the right direction.  Plus, that was a huge step toward the candida cleanse.  So I did that and you all heard about it!  That went really well and easier than I had ever imagined it to be!  It was through God’s help and the strength He gave me that got me through that!  I received my results back that confirmed that I had the yeast overgrowth.  So what is that you say?  A lot of people have not heard of this before…me included!  I will try and put it simply and relate it back to what I think happened to me…I have had “irritable bowel syndrome” since high school.  Nothing ever came from that except that I had tons of pain for no explained reason.  I have always been pretty sensitive towards antibiotics.  Sometimes they would cause me more problems than they were worth, including yeast infections.  I had a lot of antibiotics going through my system living in Texas and Arkansas with the many sinus infections I dealt with.  So then when I went through this last summer with this “bladder infection” I think it just kicked it off.  So…you get an infection, you take antibiotics.  Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria as well as the good bacteria.  All of us have yeast in our bodies, it’s just the overgrowth that causes problems.  A/B’s, along with the sugars, yeast, mold, a/b’s in meats,etc that enter your body can sometimes create an overgrowth.  From there, toxins are released into your blood stream causing immunosupression.  Those yeast toxins are what have caused me all my pain, tiredness and all kinds of bleh.  There’s a lot of information at this site: Good  books I am reading and helpful cookbooks if you know someone going through something similar.

I am on my road to recovery.  Our game plan is this:  starve it, kill it, and then rebuild it.  The diet hasn’t been easy because there is little you can’t have..but still a lot you can!  I will also be put on a anti-fungal and take pro-biotics.  I am still awaiting test results on my food allergy test and hormone evaluation.  Each of these can go hand in hand with YO.

So for now, Sarah’s Sweeties is just about my sweet baby boys and our life at home.  Like I said, I had too many pages to keep up with.  So it’s all going right here.  My “business” and my life as a baker…well it will continue.  My sweet Andrew told me he really really hoped I could bake again.  Ethan really wants some cinnamon rolls.  And Chad is going through dessert withdrawal.  Haha.  But he also told me the other day that even I can’t bake, I am still “the bomb” in the kitchen.  All these recipes have turned out really yummy.  Our new favorite is the beans and rice and tonight I made a delicious pasta sauce.  I will have to post some of my recipes as I continue this new phase!

God is so good.  He is faithful and will complete this work He has started in me.