I had a lot to do today…got up and fixed a couple of different breakfasts.  Mine was an egg sandwich.  The bread was an oat waffle that is completely made from oats.  No sugar, of course.  I use them like bread.

Then I took off to get a few groceries and finish up some gifts.  The little sweetie I watch on Tuesdays was having her 1st birthday party.  Her mommy did such an amazing job at all the party stuff.  The theme was Mother Goose.  Too cute!  Then Samuel and I went to my sister-n-law’s baby shower.  That was fun.  I always love getting to see baby stuff!!  I had lots of fun buying it, too!  From there we headed to Chad’s mom’s for a visit.  Ten minutes into the trip home Samuel konked.  He was so precious.  We rode in the truck (which he was absolutely ecstatic about).  Here he is after a long day…


And that’s where I’m headed.