I visited my nutritionist today.  She had all the results back from the tests I had taken.  I knew about the YO, so she briefly went over that since I was already going on the diet.  She wrote me a prescription for the anti-fungal and suggested the pro-biotics.

My food allergy test was interesting.  Apparently I responded the rather lengthy list of foods.  Normally, a person shouldn’t show even a low allergy to so many things.  But because of the YO, this happens.  From the Yeast Connection book it explains that:

Every person with a yeast-related problem has an overgrowth of Candida albicans in the digestive tract.  This creates a disturbance in the normal balance of good bacteria, which, in turn, leads to a weakness of the membrane lining in the intestinal tract and what is commonly called a “leaky gut”.  As a result, antigens (or toxic substances) in food are absorbed, and this plays a part in making you sick.

This is all so interesting to me!  There were, however, two foods that were in the “moderate” category – cheese and milk.  So I might have to always be careful with that.  That might be what has always caused my IBS issues!

Now for my hormone test results.  I am a little wacky on this, too.  My estrogen is fine, progesterone is low and my adrenal hormones are a little messed up.  The low progesterone can cause tiredness, memory loss, PMS symptoms, etc.  So we will work on getting those regulated as well.  My testosterone was on the higher side.  No wonder Chad is begging me to let him sleep.  Haha, just kidding.  :)

So with those three things, my nutritionist says I have a lot of work to do!  I agree.  But we are headed in the right direction – good health.