This is our weekend report!  We had a good one.  It was really nice Friday and Saturday.  Sunday was rainy and windy.  Saturday we had birthday party to go – a friend of the family.  After that we went to Chad’s dad’s.  We enjoyed visiting with them.  We went to dinner at the small local restaurant.  I am really liking these small country towns!  :)  Sunday it was just me that went to church.  Andrew has been sick with something odd.  He has complained a little of a sore throat, headache, has had a low-grade fever and has been pretty tired.  So we kept him away from other children at church.  After I got back we headed to Chad’s mom’s for lunch.  We spent the rest of the day there.

It’s so nice having family close.  We love it and I know ours boys do.  Chad’s mom told me today that she was so happy we didn’t live in Arkansas anymore!  I loved our Siloam Springs, but I am so happy we are here.  My family is pretty close, too.  Not as close as I wish!  I do look forward to seeing them around Easter time.  We are so blessed!

We begin a new week.  A few things I wish to accomplish this week are:  teach Andrew how to tell time, make bread teaching my boys about how Jesus is the Bread of Life, go to a Scholastic book sale, study my First Place Bible study 5 days this week along with exercise, do some organizing, prepare for a baby shower, and survive until payday on Friday!