Today was so much fun!  We have a milk jar (from the creamery!) to save our change in.  This is our Playmobil jar.  We saved up quite a bit of money.  We took the rolls to the bank and cashed in.  We took out money to take to church and then headed up north.  We went to the tree farm/train shop where they have a great Playmobil store.  The kids love it there.  They have so much to look at between the PM toys, the model trains, the Christmas choo choo, and the race tracks.  The boys picked out some fun toys.  I even snuck them each an Easter basket toy, Andrew a birthday present and a birthday present for a friend.

From there we went through McD’s to cash in on some freebies.  We headed towards the Scholastic book sale.  We got to see the big Clifford truck pull in.  The boys got a kick out of that.  We were able to get some nice books for cheap.

And then on to the creamery.  I love that place.  It’s so peaceful.  We walked around and saw the many cows, calves and chickens.  The boys loved all the tractors, too.  One cow mooed like crazy because they had taken her baby for some reason.  Andrew and Ethan cracked up at her.  Samuel was a little afraid, ok a lot afraid!  We bought some milk and headed home.

We did a big circle around the north side of town.  It was  a great map exercise for me!  The boys were so well behaved.  I told them I was so happy to do these kinds of things for them because they are such good boys.  Andrew says, “Mommy, this was a beauuutiful day and it’s all because of you!!”.  Ok, now I want to take you again tomorrow!

It’s days like these that I just love being a mom, being where I am, homeschooling and having that freedom, and just being in awe of my Savior!