We are all back to health now.  It wasn’t really that bad, though!  We had our antibiotics and quickly recovered.  I know…more antibiotics in my system.  Yay.  But it’s not so bad.  I had to take them for this and I just doubled up on my pro-biotics.  We are trusting the Lord that I am still moving forward!

We’ve had a good weekend.  The best part so far has been getting to see my sister, her husband and three of their children (missed you Laura!).  They had Master’s Club competitions just south of town.  So it was well worth the 40 min drive to see them.  I was able to see them perform in several different ways and just loved it.  Samuel asked where “Mack” was when we got home.  My nephew is Matt.  I thought that was cute.

Today we had a new family join our church.  We are excited to have them as part of our family now!  Some friends from church are coming over for dinner after the children’s ministries tonight.

It’s beautiful outside today.  I am loving the green!  Thank you, Jesus, for new life!