We are just loving the Spring!  I just love weekends.  Chad worked his tail off this one.  Friday night he went to get some sod a friend from work was getting rid of.  We had several low spots to fill in, as well as one huge patch where our pool was last year. I also filled in a flower bed…transplanted all the flowers from it to go around my pond garden.  Chad’s dad, our neighbor and a good friend of ours came to help Chad with the treehouse we received from Freecycle.  We love Freecycle!  That was a huge project.  It will need work from Chad and TLC from momma. :)  Chad will have to put on a new roof because the one they had on it was just to heavy to save in one piece.  The boys love it now, even if it is just a big platform.  They all three get up there and do their thing.  It sure doesn’t take much to make them happy!  We had another great service at church.  The Lord is bringing in new people every Sunday.  I even sang on the praise team yesterday.  Gasp!  We had lunch at a friend’s house from church.  So it was yet another enjoyable weekend.

Friday we went on a field trip to the airport.  That was a lot of fun. I hope to get some pictures of that up!