It was a cold and ugly one as far as the weather goes, but it was nice!!  I was able to do some fun things!!  First of all, we are back with a nice new computer.  It runs so well!  We had a lot to do on it still, but we are getting there.  Saturday morning I took Andrew to a friend’s party.  It was the drop off kind.  That is kind of nice, but sad that he is already at that stage!  While he was there I went to a great sale a nearby church was having to support a mission trip.  I snagged all kinds of great things!  I have missed garage sales!  I found several cute shirts for me for the spring/summer.   :)  Then I ran to a few stores looking for a new chair/side table set for my front porch.  It’s always amazing to me how many places I can go when I am alone!  I picked up my one-eyed Andrew.  He was all decked out like a pirate.  He had a lot of fun at that party.  We went to the salon where I got my hair cut last week.  She had to do some more blending of my layers.  I knew something wasn’t quite right about it!  We went back home for a bit.  Chad’s mom and stepdad took A&E to see the new Monsters vs Aliens movie.  While they were gone I went with Melanie to a friend’s house that we go to church with.  She had a spa awaiting us!  It was soooo completely amazing!  We had tea/coffee, put stuff on our face to relax us while music played and then got into her wonderful hot tub!  Ohmy.  It was so relaxing and fun.  We looked pretty funny with our hair back and face masks on.  :)  After that we did facials and just had a good ole time relaxing and talking.  We were so grateful for this time away and so thankful to have such a sweet friend to do this for us!  We went to Kroger and headed back home.  Chad grilled out some burgers and had dinner with mamaw and papaw. Then that night Chad highlighted my hair!  Ok!  That was a WAY FUN day for me!!!!

Chad went to Lowe’s yesterday and got the posts and railing for my front porch.  I need to get out and paint them before he puts them up. I am hoping that happens this weekend!  I can’t wait to see what that will look like.  And hopefully I will find my seating that fits just right.  We went to Chad’s dad’s yesterday evening.  We needed to go that way to pick up a part off of his uncle’s dryer.  Our timer is going out on ours.  Lovely.  All kinds of expensive things breaking down!  Anyway, we had a great time and enjoyed visiting in their new and comfty family room.  They purchased all new chairs, couches, etc.

So that was it.  Had an enjoyable Monday visiting with a good friend and her boys.  They came to play and have lunch.    We talked homeschooling and co-op for next year.  I painted my porch railing. :)

Now I am outta here to score a few deals at CVS…hopefully.