I’m trying to get some sympathy here, can you tell?  I don’t know what it is I have, but it’s lasting way too long and making me feel way too horrible.  I think I have had a fever all day.  :(  Thankfully, Chad stayed home to help out with the boys.  They have been outside about all day.


Last night Chad ran around to his mom’s, his dad’s and a couple other places around there.  I stayed here with my Sam man.  He is so precious.  I let out a groan.  He looked at me and asked, “What’s the matter, Mommy?”, so I replied, “I’m sick.”  To that he asked, “Do you need kitty?”  I told him I did.  He put it under my blanket and asked if I needed “an other” blankie.  I rested with kitty for a while before he said, “She wants me.”  So cute.  I love how he treats that kitty like it’s real.  It makes him feel better, so of course it should make mommy feel better.