We had such a nice weekend to do tons around the house!  We worked all over the yard!  Saturday Chad’s dad came to help put up our porch posts and railing.  Got the posts put up, but not the rail.  My ENGINEER husband, love his heart, assumed that the piece was long enough!  What a goof!  It’s already painted, so I am attempting to get a few dollars out of it on craigslist.  I do love my posts and that rail that he will now build will look great!  ;)  I love  having that 70’s look gone from my house.  I got rid of that look on my back porch, too!  I took out the little swirly things and painted the posts back there.  I just love it! Our firepit looks great.  I planted lots of cannas and gave some plants away to some friends.  Everything is just coming right along.

So that’s about all we did this weekend.  We did go to a friend’s house after church and had her DELICIOUS smoked bbq meat and lots of yummy salads.  I am definitely thinking I do have a major sensitivity to milk.  I had some potato salad there and today my intestines are screaming!  Other than that, I have been feeling great and have had tons of energy to do all this crazy stuff outside!  I will have to give a more detailed update on my health.

But for now, gotta get some sleep.  It’s supposed to storm in the middle of the night.  Hooray.