We had Andrew’s program tonight and it was so very sweet.  Mamaw and Papaw Jack came.  Papaw YouBetcha came…it was his birthday!

The children dressed like what they wanted to be when they grow up.  They told everyone what they had learned and what they wanted to be and why.  Andrew, of course, wants to be a pilot because he loves airplanes.  They recited memory verses they had learned during the year, sang some precious songs like “The Butterfly Song” and “This Is How We Know“.  We watched a slideshow of pictures taken throughout the year in class and on fieldtrips.  Each child received a diploma (given by Mommy) and each child gave out roses to say thank you to us mommies.   It was just cute!  I thought I would cry, but I made it through!

Happy Birthday Papaw!  We love you!  I hope you enjoy that strawberry pie.  : )

Here are a few pictures from our evening: