It’s been a pretty relaxing and fun one.  This morning we took off to get Andrew’s 6 yr old pictures taken.  He did great and the pictures are so good.  A little too good, in fact.  They look like his senior pictures!  :(  We went to a few stores around the mall and then took off to have some lunch.  The boys love having picnics in the parking lot.  And mommy refuses to go in a germ infested playground, so it’s all good!  Then we headed to Kohl’s for a few things.  The boys were very well behaved.  We ran into my good friend Carrie and her three boys!  I guess we were both feeling brave today!  On our way home I couldn’t help myself.  I had to stop off at a few garage sales.  I am glad I did as I found a super nice Pottery Barn 5’x8′ rug.  It looks practically brand new.  The lady just didn’t like it anymore!  I pait $35 for it…on their website it’s $429!  Wowsers!  I found a few other fun things.  The boys really like the 25 cent Plasma Ball and I was excited about the 25 cent Pamp Chef mixing bowl.  I love garage sales!  Especially in those really nice neighborhoods!

So we came home and got all the stuff brought in.  I was happy to be able to get my boys some needed clothes and sandals, too.  They have been outside playing since we have been home (minus the quick pizza break).  My hubby is at the Star Trek movie (bleh).  Glad he has a friend to see that with!  We worked out a deal that I got to have the whole evening out last night (haircut, 1st place meeting, shopping) and he would have tonight.

I took some pictures of my pond today.  I will get them posted soon.  It’s looking pretty good with the rock I put around it this week.

We are going to the Indy 500 qualifications tomorrow.  The boys are excited!  I will take pics of that, for sure!  Sunday we will go to Chad’s mom’s for lunch after church and also visit his stepmom.

Blessed are we!