Wow, what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day it was again today!!!  I could do this kind of weather all year long.  I spent the day at our church painting a couple of rooms and completely cleaning and reorganizing stuff.  What a big job that is!  Chad is out there now painting the floors with our pastor.  We hope to get it all put back together by Saturday night!  Ah!  It has been nice to spend time with our pastor’s wife and another friend from church.  We are so blessed with such a wonderful church family.  There’s no better way to grow closer together than by working side by side.

Yesterday I met two of my girlfriends and their children at a local park.  All 9 kids! had a blast playing in the play area.  It’s a really neat place.  We had our lunches and then went for a walk.  It was a pretty perfect day.  Here are just a few pictures from the day…

ellis park collage 2