We had such a nice and relaxing weekend!  We were due since it has been so busy around here.  We finished off VBS.  It was a great week, but very tiring.  We had our program Friday evening for that.  We made it through a pretty ugly storm Friday night.  Saturday I got up early being used to doing that all week.  I went to some garage sales and a few stores.  I found a really nice bike for Andrew for $30…a whole lot less than what we would have paid new.  He LOVES it.  He says his favorite part about it is that he can move his pedals backwards as he’s riding.  Silly guy.  Here he is…

andrew new bikeSaturday evening Chad’s mom and step dad came for her birthday.  We fixed a yummy dinner and had a birthday cake for her. I found the perfect gift for her.  I found a pair of shoes that looked just like her.  I guess they really did.  She was just at Marshall’s before she came looking for them in her size!

andrew rhondarhonda with cake

Sunday after church we took Chad out for Father’s Day to a great pizza place here in town.  It was nice to just be together as a family. The rest of the day we just chilled out at home.  Chad got our bikes out, so we took turns riding around with the boys while Sam slept.  It was an enjoyable day and weekend.