We had a wonderful, relaxing and fun day swimming.  We spent the whole afternoon at the house of a friend from church.  They have a beautiful inground pool with hot tub, fountain, everything.  It’s like a resort.  We spent a lot of time over there last year and will again this year.  I still have their key!  The boys had a blast and loved the water.  I was in a hurry after a crazy morning of being on the phone every two seconds, so I forgot to take my camera!  Oh well, we may go again tomorrow with a friend.  The picture I did get after coming home says just how much fun this little sweetie had…

sleepy sam after swim

Last week was kind of a blur in some ways.  A man in our church passed away.  We had the funeral for that on Wednesday.  Right before we left I received a phone call from my niece/sister that my dad was in the hospital.  He scared us all with loss of memory for a time.  We thought it was a stroke, but ruled that out with all the tests.  He is doing well after many tests and an overnight stay in the hospital.  Don’t do that again, Dad!  We are so thankful he is well.  I appreciate the prayers of those who knew about it.

But the holiday weekend was nice and relaxing.  Chad had off on Friday.  Sam and I did some running around, I got my hair and eyebrows done, and I did some more errand running.  Chad got him a new toy…an RC plane (small Piper Cub).  That evening we went to get dinner and took it to a park to eat and play.  Saturday it was the rainiest 4th I have ever seen!  We went to a friend’s party in the afternoon.  We had a nice time there.   We came home and got ready for a get together with the neighbors.  Fireworks were put off until Sunday.  We had our own show out by our firepit and out at the street last night.

This week I plan to do a lot of fun stuff…swimming, swimming and more swimming!  I hope to have some pool pictures up!