It’s been a few days and a whole lot of busy keeping me from blogging!

We went on our camping trip to Shades State Park.  It was so fun and cozy there!  The kids did great, and so did the momma!  It was really a ton of fun getting together with our friends, hanging out and cooking over the fire.  I got a little nervous about the raccoons, and the many other camp sounds (cyotes, owls, bugs, etc).  But we made it!  Andrew completely cracked me with his fear of bugs.  It was such a spiritual experience for me to be out there.  First, to be out there with my precious loving family was absolutely priceless.  Also, to be out there right in the middle of God’s amazing creation.  I did have to really practice my faith in Him a few times!  :)  One of the best memories was Andrew singing his verse of “God is So Good” after we sang a few verses.  He sang “God let us camp, God let us camp, God let us camp, He’s so good to us”.  After that, my three babies fell asleep.  Does it get any better than that?   It started raining just as we were waking up.  Rain got into the bottom of the tent, so we decided to pack it up.  It was a great practice run for us.  We plan to get a new tent and do it again soon.  We ended up going to Chad’s mom’s and camped out there until she got home from work at noon.  We had lunch and she gave me a manicure!

Chad had taken 3 days to go camping, so we went to our friend’s pool. We took our lunch and spent about the whole day there.

We came home and ordered a pizza.  It felt like 3 days of vacation.  I loved it.

Saturday we went to a farewell party for a very good friend of mine.  Her and her family are moving to Washington.    She was my very first friend the Lord brought into my life here in Indiana.  I will miss you so much, Sharon!

Sunday a group of 35 teenagers and 15 adults came in from Bellevue Baptist Church.  That is our pastor’s church.  They are the sweetest group of kids I have known.  They sang in the morning worship service.  Oh my, they are good!  We fed them and the church lunch on Saturday afternoon.  We had a yummy salad bar.  The weather was just perfect.  Same thing on Tuesday night…perfect weather and lovely fellowship with the kids.  All the girls are in love with my boys.  Samuel gives out kisses to all the teenage girls.  Oh boy!!  They held a soccer camp for the kids Mon-Wed.  Ethan attended that camp.  Andrew is in basketball camp Tues-Thurs.  So it’s a completely crazy week!  Our church is having a block party for the community tomorrow night.  I pray that a lot of people attend and we get some good prospective familes there.  But most of all, I pray the Lord be glorified in all we do and that people will be reached with the good news of the gospel!!  I also pray we have enough food!  ;)  I have an awesome fellowship team and I absolutely could not do this all without them!

Chances are I won’t be on again until next week.  Fun weekend ahead!