After the busy week we had last week we were ready for a mini vacation!  First, let me say how very blessed we were to have the Bellevue Baptist team come!  The block party was a huge success.  We enjoyed having the team here so much.  I would do it all over again!  Our church was forever changed because of them!

Friday I took off for Ohio to take the boys to my parents.  That was after Chad had to come home to get me a new battery in the van!  I was aggravated at the glitch in my plans, but trusting that the Lord was protecting me from something.  We arrived there late afternoon.  We visited and my parents for a while.  We then went to my sisters for a fun evening.  They grilled out and had lots of yummies from their garden.  The kids went swimming while my sister, my mom and I sat and chatted.  We also had a campfire and visited some more.  It was a lovely evening.  Saturday morning after breakfast I headed back here.  It was a strangely quiet ride home.  But it was nice.   I picked Chad up and we headed to where Chad’s dad parked his RV for the Nascar race weekend.  We had a fun time hanging out there watching all the crazies.  I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep that night!  Sunday morning we walked around the many booths and got the boys some fun stuff.  Andrew is a Jeff Gordon fan, Ethan is a Jimmie Johnson fan and we have decided that Sam can be a Dale Earnhardt, Jr fan.  :)  After lunch we headed down to the track.  We had the same seats as last year.  They are perfect seats.  And the weather was amazing!  My man Jimmie won…again this year.  I must bring him luck.  Haha.  We hung out after the race and the insane traffic cleared.  Chad and I got dinner and headed to the pool.  Our friends are on vacation, so we spent the evening there.  Ahhh….that was sooo nice!  Monday morning I woke up to silence, which was completely strange.  I enjoyed it, though.  I had a meeting to attend.  I ran a few errands and headed back to Ohio for my boys.  They had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa (or Gammy and Ganpy at Sam calls them).  I think they had a good time.  I was so thankful for them to be able to stay there, of course.  But I was so happy for my boys to be able to spend time with just them for those days.  Thank you, Mom!!!  We visited my sister at their new home, took  my mom back home and headed back to Indiana.  I arrived here late with some sleeping boys.  Such fun!

Here are a few pics from the weekend…

I am sitting here listening to an awesome song my sis-n-law sent.  Listen to it here via Youtube.  Think about the Lord today and what He has done for you!