I’m tired!  Today was fun. I hosted a party for our pastor’s children.  They are leaving with their momma this weekend (ahead of their dad).  We ended up with 30 people here.  We had the party inside and outside.  It was a gorgeous day for it.  I fixed a taco salad bar, chips and dips, appetizers, cookies, cupcakes and ice cream.  It was real close to being completely gone!  We had enough to fix some nachos on the grill tonight. It was a little crazy at times, but we really had such a sweet time together.  I think the kids enjoyed their celebration.  They sure will be missed.

I love our church family…both the faithful friends and the new ones.  We are enjoying new friends the Lord has sent our way.  We are blessed.  We all spent these last few precious days together with our pastor and his family…last night, today and will again tomorrow.

I may have some pics from the day to post.  I will have to check with photographer.  ;)  Yep, that’s you Mel.  She did take a picture of my blonde hair.  Had a bit of a highlighting freakout that happened Saturday night.  That’s for another day.