I was in search of some cute binders for our Galloping the Globe notebook.  I looked everywhere for something fun and cute.  It’s either some ugly Transformer folder or something plain.  I am so glad I came across these.

And where?  Walmart!!  I couldn’t believe it!  And it’s by my favorite Christian company…Dayspring!  This company was founded in Siloam Springs…where we lived.  In fact, we were good friends with the founder Roy Lessin.  I emailed him to personally thank him for having such a neat choice for students to use in school!

The Robot one is Andrew’s.

The other colorful one will be an extra or may very well become Ethan’s.

The pretty pink and gold one is mine!  It’s going to be my planner.  The planner I blogged about before here will be more for organizing the home…cleaning, meals, appointments, etc.

Yay!  I’m getting pumped up for our school year to begin.  We do not begin until after Labor Day.  So we are enjoying the rest of this muggy and hot summer.  Swimming!