Chad and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in September.  This past weekend we celebrated by going to a cabin for a night.  It was absolutely amazing!  It was the most relaxing and romantic place I have ever been to!

We dropped the boys off at Chad’s mom’s house.  We messed around Lafayette for a while until check in time.  We drove down the gravel road to see our spot.

As we entered, Josh Groban was playing on the stereo.  It smelled lovely…a cinnamon vanilla smell.  It was beautiful.  It took our breath away.  Here are some of the views…

We made a campfire, went for a walk down to the creek, made dinner and ate it out on the screen porch (watching birds and squirrels), went for another walk, watched deer, watched a movie by the fire, got in the hot tub, gazed under a canopy of stars and slept peacefully.  The next morning we made breakfast and relaxed a whole lot more.  We did not want to leave!!

Chad surprised me with a beautiful ring.  I love it.

I totally recommend this place if you are ever in the area!!!!