It was a nice and relaxing weekend…no major plans.  That’s always nice!  It’s starting to feel like fall outside.  I’m not too crazy about that!  I love the fall season.  It is so beautiful around here.  But I just hate to see summer go.  We were able to go swimming last week and hope to go again this week.  We’ll see!

Saturday morning we all woke up really late.  That’s rare for Chad and I.  We usually wake up fairly early.  I will use Saturdays a lot to run around.  But waking up together was nice.  We had pancakes and finished up in the kitchen at 11!  Yikes!  A co-worker of Chad’s called to tell us he was having a garage sale.  We, of course, had to go see!  We found a really nice tent for our family to camp in.  Now we can’t wait to go!
Then we went to a local church festival.  This was actually our 4th time to go.  The kids love it and did we…it’s free!  Lots of games, prizes, food and fun.  They even have a hay ride.  The boys really get in to that.

We came home and set up camp in the backyard.  We hung out there most of the evening.  Chad made a fire and we roasted marshmallows.  The boys ran around the backyard like wild animals.  Chad and I just sat and laughed.  After the kids went to bed, Chad and I sat by the fire some more.  We got in the tent in our sleeping bags (it was cold!) to star gaze and listen to bugs.

Yesterday was church.  We had a great Sunday School class.   Chad and I had children’s church, so we missed the  message.  It sure sounded like a good one.  I hope to hear it online.  After church, we grabbed some lunch and went to Home Depot.  Chad surprised me and told me he wanted to go and get the flooring for the laundry room/office area.  We spent most of the rest of Sunday putting that in and cleaning up.  I love it!

Random pics from our weekend…