I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t mind that we don’t have a “school room” in our house.  This school thing is quickly taking over the house.  But it’s ok.  I’m kinda liking the new decor.  :)  We do it all in our living room, family room, dining area and kitchen.  I love having everyone so close to me, especially when I have a load of laundry to throw in, some meal to prepare or just that misc. house stuff that might happen between breaks at the table.

I am using somewhat of the workbox system described in this post.  I made my own cards and tags and use a system that works best for us right now.  The boys seem to really like it, and I had fun making the stuff!

There are chalkboards, white boards, bulletins boards and magnetic strips around the house.  And there’s all kinds of learning spaces outside the house!

And I spared you pictures of all the clean laundry piled up in my room and Samuel’s room.  Yikes. I just don’t have time for it all!