We had a fun time studying our first country.  We “flew in” on an airplane (my red blankie).  I even served lunch while aboard the aircraft.  The Bible stories we read about were, of course, Moses and Joseph.  We watched a movie about Moses.  We read lots of books about the country, leaders and about desert life.  Some of my literature favorites were The Secret of Ahmed and Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile.

We made Lego pyramids, paper pyramids, tried some Egyptian food, learned about Egypt’s flag, people and language, mapped Egypt and more.  Our two co-op days this month were based on Egypt, so lots of fun learning went on there!

Our co-op went on a field trip to the museum here in Indy.  It was completely free because we went with the group.   It was the perfect time to study Egypt!  Ok, I planned that.  They have a King Tut exhibit that was really neat to see.  No pictures of that, of course.  But we did get to see some really neat treasures from the tomb of King Tut and other objects  from many other Egyptian rulers.  Also, they had a huge exhibit on modern Egypt.  It was so much fun!  I sure wish they would bring in the country we are studying every two weeks!  Too bad!

Pictures are coming!  :)  I am really enjoying the GTG curriculum.  We barely scratched the surface of the entire study.  I am making it just enough for my guys, though.

Next week we fly to South Africa.  But for now I will enjoy a weekend. I am beginning to appreciate weekends more and more!  No school!  While I love schooling my boys, I so love the break.