Oh, if only I could attach a smell here…

apple pie

We made apple pie yesterday to go along with the book called How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.  Cute book!  This crust has crushed pecans in it.  The boys helped me roll out the crust and put it on.  They ate many a sliced apple during the process.  I told them how I remembered watching my mom make apple pies.  We, too, begged for those cinnamon sugar apples as she was mixing them up.   Andrew said the pie was “totally delicious” about 3 times when we had it last night.  We took a piece to the neighbor we are trying to reach.  Melanie just got the last piece!

We had school out in the yard yesterday.  It was so beautiful!  I sat back and just enjoyed watching my boys play together on the playset.  Here’s one sweetie swinging, another sweetie with a pumpkin he picked from our yard, and all 3 sweeties just happy to be boys …sam on horse swing

andrew pumpkin

my cute boys

Today is rainy and cool.  While doing school at the table, Andrew spotted 3 deer in our backyard!  We all ran to the window and watched them for a long time.  Here’s one of them…

deer in our yard