Being frugal is so fun to me!  I love bargain shopping, couponing and being frugal at home.

I did some fun shopping at Kmart last week. They were having double coupons up to $2!  Woohoo!  My total before coupons was $92, and after coupons it was $33!  That was mostly groceries, a package of diapers, 2 pkgs of boy socks, and grill cleaner.  So I got all the groceries just about free!  Landing deals allows for a stock up of goods.  You ought to see my stash of apple juice and cereal!  And my deep freezer has been full the whole year.  Amazing.

Today I had the day off while the boys were at co-op.  I did some couponing at Target, and Walmart.  Did great there, and even landed a deal on some jeans for me at Marshalls…Levi’s for 14.99!

I did purchase a couple Lunchables at the store today because I had a coupon and got a great deal on them.  But homemade ones are just as fun, if not more fun for the kids.  I made these today using plastic packaging I had saved from something.  I originally thought it would be great for paint.  Maybe we’ll do paint after they get too icky after a while.  I only had two, so I used an ice tray for Sam.  He loved it!

homemade lunchable

I can’t say enough about garage sales, craigslist and freecycle.  We have been blessed many a time through those bargain avenues.

Then there’s the Dave Ramsey envelope plan.  That’s been so helpful to me to stay on budget.

Some may call it cheap, but we feel it’s making the most of what God has entrusted to us.  Someday maybe I will pay full price for something, I don’t know.  But like I said, being frugal is fun.  It’s not because I have to be.  I choose to be.

What about you?