Friday night we went to hang out with some friends.  We went shopping for a baby shower food at Sam’s.  We didn’t renew our card this year.  After being there and seeing all the fun Christmas stuff, it makes me want to get the card back!  Although, I am so not ready to see Christmas!  I did get their huge bag of flour.  Since I am back into baking a lot more, I thought breads would make great gifts over the next few months.  I am always open for business, too! :)

It’s definitely fall, so it was time to get pumpkins this weekend.  We went out to our annual “pick a pumpkin for free” at the Remax office on Saturday morning.  The boys want to carve them NOW.  :)

Then we went out to the Radio Control Airplane field.  They were having their annual picnic.  Chad joined the club a few months back.  He and the boys really enjoy going out there to watch other and fly Chad’s two airplanes.  Who knew we would belong to the Blacksheep Squadron.  Heh.  No, it really was a lot of fun being out there.

Chad’s dad and stepmom were here when we got home Saturday afternoon.  The guys worked on electric stuff up in the attic.  Bev and I went shopping.  We had a really nice time together.  We came back and had dinner.  After they left, I had to kick things into high gear to get ready for the baby shower lunch on Sunday!  Everything came together and the shower went really well.

Andrew had Bible drill Sunday evening.  I dropped him off and met with two girlfriends from church for coffee.  Except I didn’t have coffee.  I had tea. :)  It was nice to just sit and chat with them.

Colts won last night!  And my man Jimmie won a race yesterday.  Andrew is happy that #24 has come in 2nd the last 2 races.  Races and football. I tell ya, what am I talking about??!

It’s Monday…laundry day and back to school.  May man’s birthday is this week!

Have a great week everyone!  Thanks for reading!  I am so happy to know so many of my friends from AR are here with me!