Boy did we have a fun weekend!!!  We went to Raccoon Lake to camp.  Chad’s dad graciously allowed us to  borrow his 30 ft RV.  We took off Thursday about noon and got to our campsite about 1:00.  The park was BEAUTIFUL!  The leaves were a perfect color, most of them still on the trees.  Enough had fallen to make it even more lovely.    The camp was getting filled up with people, people who go all out for this holiday weekend.  The decorated sites were amazing!  We set everything up, had lunch and then took a walk on a gorgeous trail.   We hung out until our friends came.   They are a fun family.  We had a great time together.  We cooked lots of yummy food, both in the RV and out on the fire.  We played games and laughed together.  We went to a Halloween egg hunt.  We went fishing.  We went trick or treating.  We just had an all out great time!  The weather was half bad and half good, but that didn’t keep us from having fun! We came home yesterday around 4ish.

Enjoy my many pictures coming in my next post!