It’s one of the most exciting times for children!  Pumpkin carving!  Every time we open that pumpkin and smell that smell, I am taken back to my childhood.  We would carve our pumpkins in the garage and toast the seeds on top of the kerosene heater.  Fun stuff.  I told my boys I hope they have the same happy memory that I have!  I think they will.  We make it pretty special for them.

We always like to tell them how the insides of these pumpkins are like our insides before we come to know Christ.  Our insides are all icky, full of sin.  But when we confess that we are sinners and ask Jesus to come into our hearts, the light of Jesus shines within us.  It’s a great way to talk to them!

Enjoy the pics!  Oh, I had to throw an extra in there.  I got a bunch of free pansies and took this picture yesterday.

After we were done we watched the It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown show on tv.

Right now I am preparing for the co-op party that my boys will miss.  How sad is that?!  Andrew came down with a fever tonight.  Ethan says he doesn’t feel well, either.  Please pray for our family!