I am on a collage kick lately.  My boys are loving leaf weather.  Because we have several HUGE trees in our yard, I can’t really say I am loving leaf weather.  I love them when they are on the trees, and having them down for a time is fun.  It does get hard to keep up with them!  We need to get back out there again to mulch them.

We are continuing our studies of Japan again this week.  I had originally planned for a country every two weeks, but there has been so much to do with this one!  We’ve been learning about volcanoes.  Thursday nights are science night with Daddy.  He got a volcano kit that we will do tomorrow!

I am teaching co-op this month.  My theme is Kitchen Fun!  I hope to get a post up on that blog tomorrow.

I’ll leave you with this as I’m off to bed.  Early!

Lord, may our lives be set apart
And useful in Your hands,
Pursuing righteousness and faith
As we fulfill Your plans.