Yesterday was quite the unconventional schooling day…

My boys started off the day with some exercise, as I always try to do.  They played some Wii sports games.  It’s pretty funny watching a 2 year old try and hit a tennis ball!

One big job was some serious cleaning in their rooms and the living room.  So I put them to work.  There is a lot of value in learning how to work at something with diligence and persistence.  And momma learns patience!

We made tents all over the house.  They had a ball, and played great together almost the whole time.

We watched a video about an Indian girl cooking for her family.  The boys were very interested in watching what they do.  I was too!

We colored rice and made Ramboli Indian art.  We drank Chai tea together.

ramboli rice

We got our normal school work done.  Most of it was done in one of the tents.  Some of it was done on top of the tent!

boys doing math in tent

Andrew made a musical instrument with some pencils, a water bottle and a rubberband.  He was pretty proud of the different sounds he and Ethan could make with it.

andrews musical instrument

Andrew loves word searches.  Anything that he wants to do for fun and learn at the same time, I am up for.  Well, almost anything.   So I used the Scholastic Make Your Own Word Search using some, let’s say, “boy words” such as burp and toot.  He loved it!  It was a great laugh to end our school day before “father” came home.  That’s the new name they decided they would start calling him.  That lasted one second after he was here.  Daddy is his name, and tickling is his game.  :)

All was done in their jammies (or a Spiderman suit).  I was the only one dressed!

Unconventional?  Absolutely!  Love it?  You bet!