Ok, so the saying is right for many things….They’ll do it when they are ready.  I was starting to wonder a bit with Samuel doing the potty thing.  But I never pushed it.  After all, he is my baby and this will be the last time.  He started last week and now he is fully potty trained!  It’s really quite amazing.  It’s also bittersweet.  And it’s also hilarious!  He’s so proud.  Today he made 5 “birds”.  For each one that “popped” out he would run and tell me and his brothers.  We all had to take a look, and then he would flush one by one.  He’s so crazy!

I’m so proud of my big boy!

I really am going to miss those little diaper tails and that crinkly sound of the diaper when they move.  It’s hard to believe that the diaper phase of our lives is over.  :(