Advent is the observance of the four weeks preceding Christmas.  You can observe it in many different ways.  A great article explaining it is here from Focus on the Family.

Advent in our home with be a lot like last year.  Grandma Lucille’s oil candle was brought back out by popular demand.  The boys loved having dinner by candlelight, and they couldn’t wait to start it again!  So Tuesday evening we had fish nuggets and fries by candlelight.  It really is amazing how life really slows down for that moment.  Everything is dark around you.  About the only thing you can see is each other.  Last year we had a special box that we placed on the table.  Each night we would pull out a verse about Jesus being the Light of the World and read it together.

Homeschool Creations suggested a great book for Advent.  I would love to maybe start this one next year!  Hey, maybe I’ll win it in her giveaway!

As for school this year, I gathered some ideas from different places.  We plan to go through 20 symbols of Christmas and their meanings.  Here is an excellent resource for that.

I also plan to do a lapbook with the boys using some of these. We got a small tree to hang our different symbols on.  This tree will also be used for ornaments to represent the different countries that we are learning about.  We have lots of library books and lots to do for our Christmas around the World studies.

I have a lot to do and really am behind in doing it!  We should have started more of this earlier.   My thought is that we will do what we can now (and combine a few days) so we can really be prepared for next year.  My mind hasn’t been in focus this week much at all.  It’s all due to my low progesterone!  I really want to blog about that someday soon.  It’s amazing how it really controls my life!

Anyway, try and slow down this year.  Focus on the real meaning of Christmas…JESUS!   Celebrate JESUS!!!