Chad and I had a nice weekend!  I think the boys did, too!

Chad is on the pastor search committee for our church.  We went to the southern part of Indiana to visit with a pastor and hear him preach.  Saturday afternoon we took the boys to his parents’ houses.  His dad and stepmom kept Samuel and his mom and stepdad kept A & E.  We arrived at our destination around 430.  We drove around the town and then checked into the hotel.  We hung out for a little while, just enjoying the quiet.  We went across the street to the huge mall.  We had dinner there and shopped around.  It was so nice!  Way too many people, but it was nice!  We also went to some other stores around town before meeting the pastor and another 2 ladies from our church at Bob Evans.    We had an excellent visit.  We were there until it closed, and then headed back to the hotel.  We were able to get up when we wanted to, went to breakfast and then onto the church.  It was a sweet time of worship.  He received an A+ from me!  After church we met the pastor and his wife for lunch.  I liked her a lot, too!!  So all and all it was a very successful visit.  Of course there will be a whole lot of praying going on!  There will be many more meetings, etc if they/our committee plans to move forward.

The boys had a great time with the grandparents.  We were all worn out by the time we all got home together last night.  It was a nice getaway for me and my man.  But it’s also nice to have us all back together again.

And there’s snow on the ground this morning!!!  How crazy is that!?  The boys will be thrilled to wake up and see that!