We were blessed with another great Christmas this year!  I have included collages for each event.  I had too many pictures to share!  So click on each one to enlarge and then enlarge even more once you’ve done that!

Christmas Eve we spent the day with Chad’s mom and stepmom and family.  We had a great time over there.

We arrived home in time to relax and spend some time together here before we sent the boys to bed.  I stayed up and wrapped the presents and filled the stockings while Chad put the digger together that he made.  The boys had a blast Christmas morning.  It is always so much fun watching the joy Christmas brings to them.

We had lunch at our neighbor’s house on Christmas.  That was so enjoyable!  They really are like family.  After lunch we packed up and headed over to Ohio to see my parents.  My brother and his family were there.  We had a great time visiting.  Our family party was Saturday.

Sunday we headed back home.  We pulled up to see this at our house!  It was so beautiful!

Last evening we spent time playing with new toys and assembling many Legos.  It was such a lovely evening.  I love the feeling of being snowed in!  But we really weren’t.  :)  We got a call from some friends that wanted to take us out to lunch today in Indy.  It was a lovely visit with them.  We headed on over to Trader Joe’s and then home.  We spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the snow.  No doubt I will make a collage for that one, too!

We still have Christmas to celebrate with Chad’s dad and stepmom.  They plan to come later this week.  My poor house!!  Oh well, it’s fun.  I just have to take a deep breath and soak up the fun!

I pray you all had an enjoyable Christmas.  May the Lord be celebrated in our hearts throughout this new year!