Well, it’s Monday.  I sure hated to see Chad go back to work today.  He sure hated to hear that alarm this morning.  It was a nice and long vacation he had with us.

Friday we had a nice visit with Chad’s mom and stepdad.  I fixed lunch, we hung out and chatted and even went out shopping.  It was a good start to a new year!

Saturday we went to a Christmas open house at a friend’s.  We had a fun time there.  Chad came home and put some built-in shelves in Samuel’s closet.  It’s amazing what that did for the room!  Especially with all these new toys!  Saturday night after the kids went to bed Chad colored my hair.  Bless his heart, he doesn’t mind doing it at all.  He actually was looking forward to it, I think.  But an engineer trying to be a hairdresser just doesn’t work.  Think of it!  Heehee.  I may just stick with a girlfriend doing it next time.  It turned out well.  I like it a darker color, especially in the winter months.

Sunday it was nice to be back to church, although getting up that early and going out in such frigid weather was very hard to do!  It was nice to see everyone again, though.  We went with some friends to lunch.  We took 2 of their kiddos home with us for the afternoon and then back to church.  We came home and made some homemade pizza and watched a few shows.  It seemed like a quick day, but it was very relaxing.

We will be easing into school this week since Andrew did do a little over the holiday break.  I will get a week in with his Horizons work, but probably not much in the way of GTG goes just yet.  I plan to start studies on the USA next week.

I am also planning a birthday party for my Ethan and Samuel.  I live for those!  :)  We are going to do a cowboy theme.  Fun stuff.

I just got back in from the cold night air.  I had to get groceries!  It couldn’t wait any longer.  I also scored some deals at CVS, Walgreens and Kohls.

Goodnight!  And look like you’re happy!!