I will have to say that this week has been very laid back!  We have been sleeping in and snuggling in my bed in the mornings.  They have been enjoying our new tv that we have in our room. It’s going to be in the family room eventually.  But for now, it’s great for these cold and snowy morning snuggles!

We’ve made it through our Horizons curriculum.  It was a little tough getting Andrew back into after a long vacation.  Everything else this week has been a mix of crazy and fun learning!

We  had bought some things at the fun store down the road last week with some Christmas money.  One item was a Windmill Generator.  They really thought that was neat, especially since that interests Chad so much.  We also got several other fun things and have been experimenting with them.  Like the snow we made.  As if we needed to make it!  We got to play out in the snow Friday and made some banana snow cream…just your standard milk, sugar, vanilla and then banana flavoring.  We used our fun Cool Cones we got for Christmas!

Chad made a boomerang out of an oatmeal can.  Ethan, especially,  loved that.  He uses “the force” to bring it back to him.

Andrew and Ethan both took apart these two room fresheners.  Yeah, that’s strange.  But they have watched their dad do it.  It has some pretty “cool” parts in it, so they were anxious to get into it.  I tell ya, we should have wrapped these up for Christmas they had such fun!  Then came Snap Circuits.  Andrew had some money to spend.  They arrived in the mail Thursday.  It was like watching little Chad, Jr!  I really enjoyed playing with it, too.  We may have to get another set to add on for Ethan.  It’s really cool!

We were back to class with our co-op this week.  The boys were so excited and ready to be back.  I enjoyed being with the preschoolers this time.

We played many games of Pick and Draw, or as Andrew calls it, “that Rich Davis game”.  It’s really fun.  Get yours if you haven’t already!

Thursday night we watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. That kind of fit our week!  We’ve got some little mad scientists here!

I plan to do some lesson preparing this weekend to start our USA study.  Have a great weekend!