We had a good weekend!

Thursday night we had a co-op meeting.  This was just a ladies night out.  We had such a fun time together!  I love each one of you and so thankful for our friendship and the many common bonds we share.

Friday was payday!  As much as I tried to get out, I just couldn’t make it.  I guess I just wanted to be here at home.  The boys were playing so well together.  I didn’t want to disturb their time.  So I got out and went to the bank when Chad got home.  I picked up 2 medium pizzas on the way home.  We all gathered in the living room to eat and watch a movie.  The boys ate a whole medium pizza!!  Oh my!  I said to Chad before we know it we will be buying a large pizza for each one of them!

Saturday Ethan and I got out to run some errands.  We went to get his pictures done, shopping, and picked up his free bday icecream.  We had a great time together.  He’s just like his momma…loves to run around and shop!  We got home and soon took of for Chad’s dad’s.  We were all decked out in Colts attire ready for the big playoff game.  Some friends of the family came over.  We had a great time hanging out and cheering for our Indy Colts.  They won, so we’re gonna have to party again next weekend!

Sunday after church we went to some friends’ house for lunch and watched another ballgame.  His team wasn’t so fortunate!  We had a great afternoon.  I went out last night for some other groceries and misc stuff for church.

Right now I have 6 boys here doing some crazy boy playing.  It’s so funny to watch and listen to them.  I love them having buds.  I plan to get some things done while they are here.  While that may sound crazy, they are all nice and occupied with each other.  I have a party to plan and some cleaning to do!  Here they all are.  Samuel was still chowing on his cookie.  Andrew is thrilled, as you can see!!

Have a great week!