We usually always do our schooling during the afternoons.  The main reason for that has always been because of Samuel’s nap. Also, our errand running and co-op events are in the mornings.  Another reason is because I felt like Andrew really needed some time to play in the morning, and his choice was always the afternoon.  So that’s what we have done for most of the year.  Just this week I thought we would change it up a bit.  So far it is working.  Andrew is happy to get it done and have the rest of the day for free play or a GTG activity (art, crafts,etc).  I just felt like I needed some more control over what we did with our days.  So here it is… Our Winter Schedule.  Things will change when nice weather hits, and I’m ok with that.  I’m flexible!

Winter is really getting to us all, I think.  There’s a winter storm happening right now.  It is beautiful, and the boys are excited.  They look forward to using their snow shoes we made yesterday.  I am hoping the roads stay clear so I can attend the women’s conference this weekend!

Have a lovely weekend.