Yeah, this blog is mostly about my three little sweetie boys and our life here at home.  But let me tell ya about my one big sweetie.

His name is Chad, AKA Babe.

Just some of the reasons I love him are:

Being a godly man. I’ve seen him grow in his relationship with Christ just in this last year.  There’s nothing more attractive than that!

I love that he supports me being at home with our boys.  He is a homeschool dad.  I love that.

The fact that I can stay at home because he is the leader of our finances and has made that possible for us.

He’s more understanding and patient sometimes more than I’ll ever understand.

He’s my best friend.  We enjoy lots of laughs together, loving and teasing each other.

He’s so gifted!  Sometimes that drives me crazy, but of course I love seeing him do what God has created him to do.

So without him, I really wouldn’t have a thing to blog about.  God has blessed me so much with the gift of Chad.

Thank you Babe.  I love you.

This is obviously a much better picture of him than me!

Another reason I love him?  Look at him!  Handsome!!