A friend of mine got me a neat book for Christmas.  I love it, and it’s by a friend of hers.  It’s called Faith-Filled Moments – Helping Kids See God in Everyday Life.  I actually heard her speak at an advent tea.  Anyway, we did one together tonight.

In The Light

Gather one or more glow-in-the-dark toys and explain to your child that for the toys to brightly flow, they need to spend some time near a lamp or in the sun, soaking up the light.  Pick a bright light in your house together, turn it on, and arrange the toys in the light.  Let the toys sit under the light for at least 5 minutes.  (If you’re able, leave them there for an hour or more while you and your child do other things.) After the toys have had time to charge up with light, have your child help you take them into a completely darkened room and enjoy watching them glow.  This is a powerful experience of what happens when we spend time with Jesus.  Use this experience to help your child think about what it means for us to be close to Jesus – to be in His light (Read together 1John 1:7).  You may want to repeat the activity, talking with your child about the spiritual meaning as you wait a few minutes for the toys to soak up light once more.  Ask your child about experiences he’s had or things he does that help him feel close to God, and share about some of your own spiritual-growth habits such as prayer, worship, and Bible reading.  Emphasize to your child that God wants him to be close to him all the time!  You may also want to read John 15:4.  Help your child understand the simple picture here:  just as the toy is in the light, soaking it up, so we can be in Christ’s light.  And as we spend time close to Jesus, we glow with His light and love to the world around us.  This was a special time for us tonight while we did this together.  It’s so simple, but what a message it teaches our precious children!

And I really needed the reminder today.  Although my Beth Moore studies are going great, I really take for granted what that time in the Word is really doing for me during my days.  I read just yesterday about crying out to God…how David did this in a cave on the run in fear of losing his life.  So come yesterday afternoon, I too was crying out to God to heal my tooth!  I had a root canal done on this tooth back when Chad and I were first married.  Now there’s all kinds of infection around that tooth right now.  I go for a consult tomorrow.  I am trusting God to bring me through.  He’s never let me down before and he won’t disappoint me now.  Something good has to come out of this, whether it’ s trust that I learn or me getting to speak to one of the staff members.  I want to be used by Him and will give Him glory.  Pray with me, won’t you?  I seriously hate getting my teeth worked on!!!